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Nephelo .:SR/N:.

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Virgil Finlay.

(via azazaazunder)

Photography by Jason Parnell-Brookes.


"The real Sun and the real Moon are as invisible as the real Man."

In girum imus nocte~ecce~et consumimur igni

JR/O & SR/N - Own

"When she speaks her words flow forth like oil from a newly opened jar. She smiles with promise of forbidden secrets. Her mouth is rimmed with petals from the rose and sweet with the sweetness of honey. In her kiss is the sharp savour of ripe berries warmed beneath the sun. Her laughter is a bubbling fountain that murmurs over a bank of snowy pebbles." Image - Own.


Leaving the bed of regression, to form progression from the clay. 
Spilling transgression upon the day, to feed the fire that the Spirit holds sway.

Beneath Saturn’s rule with Fivefold Impetus Toward Unity,
We carve the second point of the Divine five pointed star.

JR/O & SR/N - Own


It is before the throne of truth upon which Jupiter sits that we present the second and final preview of The Great Descent prior to the next rise of Saturn. 
Some further information will follow in the light of tomorrow’s Venus.

JR/O, SR/N & K - Own


Jai Kali Maa!!

Goddess of Time and Space! Mother of the Universe! Destroyer of the Ego!

Om krim kalikaye namah….

Open hearts seeking consciousness within the centre of the triangle/monad. The eye of silent fire.

On the 5th July 2014, we will release “The Great Descent” upon the world.